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Cleveland Engagement Photographer | The Kingstons 2022

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


Cleveland Ohio Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot

I just have to start out by saying... look. at. her. dress. Are you kidding me? Middle of winter (literally) and she makes it look like a summer day. Do you want to know the best part? It was 10 degrees during our session but the "real feel" was 2 degrees and the wind was practically unbearable. Talk about dedication, purple fingers, and ankles that you cannot feel. After our session, she went over to Facebook and had nothing but the kindest words to say about me, including that I made 10 degrees look flawless. No, no, no I pushed a button on my camera with 3 layers of clothes on, YOU made 10 degrees look flawless.

Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot in Grafton Ohio

Kelsey and Lonnie have been dating for a little over a year now, and they will be tying the knot in July of this year, 2022. Exactly 187 days from the day we took these pictures🎉

Outdoor elegant Engagement session in Cleveland Ohio

Now, I love and adore all of my clients, especially after getting to know their stories but I will forever hold a special place in my heart for these two. I've known Lonnie for right around 7 years now and Kelsey has become one of my very best friends since they started dating. I cannot wait to be by their side the day they exchange their vows.

Outdoor Winter Engagement Photoshoot in Cleveland Ohio

When it comes to booking an #engagementphotoshoot of your own please be sure to keep in mind that summer and fall tend to be my busiest seasons. I always recommend to inquiry ahead of the season (if possible) that you would like your session to take place during to ensure you will be guaranteed a session.

Outdoor Sunset Sessions (like this one) take place one hour prior to sunset. Hello, gorgeous creamy light. Depending on the time of year this time frame varies heavy. Kelsey and Lonnie's session started at 4:15 PM and if these pictures were taken two months ago it would have started at 3:15 PM. But if you were too fast forward to summer we would start the session around 8 PM or maybe even later. You have to love daylight savings time, am I right? Haha. But don't worry, once your session date is on the books, I will tell you what time our session will start. No math involved on your end, I promise.

Elegant Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot in Cleveland Ohio

Outdoor Engagement Photoshoot in Cleveland Ohio

Outdoor enegagement photo session in Cleveland Ohio

Engagement Photoshoot in Cleveland Ohio

Ready to book your engagement session?

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